Sunday, September 04, 2005

Healthy Obsession

Is there such a thing as a "healthy obsession"? I mean you always hear the opposite term. Like in the news or something. You're flipping through the channels trying to find Howard the Duck which is airing for the first time on TBS with the never-before seen added scene in which Howard magically turns into a human, gets to make mad passionate love with Lea Thompson, takes her to this garage in the middle of downtown where Tim Robbins has just finished putting the second coat of wax on his brand new DeLorean, and Howard and Lea steal it to go back in time to put right what once went wrong, but as soon as they are lifted into the air in the hover-converted vehicle and hit 88mph, they crash into a hillside in a giant fireball and they...DIE! I think they decided to cut the scene out ultimately because it was about 20 min into the film when all this happens and George Lucas decided it would be better to let the movie continue in its previously written course. I think his actual words were..."HEY *$%! OFF! I'M GEORGE LUCAS! THIS IS GONNA DO FOR DUCKS WHAT 'STAR WARS' DID FOR LIGHTSABERS!" Anyway, what was I saying? OH YES! Obsessions. Yeah... I don't really have any I don't think. How about you?


Jess said...

I find at times that by reading your friend's blog, you learn more about how their mind actually works than you ever really needed to know. Then again, in some cases it's good to know so you have something for the police report later.:)

Jess said...

Also, I need to get pictures on my blog too. I don't want to be outdone.