Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cameron or Cameroff? (get it?)

(O.K., before you judge my title lemme just point out that it is literally 180 degrees outside, with air warnings in effect, so my brain is quite literally "frying".)

I'm sitting here inside my cute little apartment, trying my best to avoid the supernova wave of heat that is hovering outside, just waiting for me to emerge so that it can annihilate me in a fashion somewhat akin to what you would see in any decent vampire movie or tv show. NOT the dopey eyed glittery kind mind you! (my full feelings on THAT hog shit shall be revealed soon...in a new post) anyways...

I'm watching TRUE LIES, a flick that i haven't seen in quite some time, but that i enjoy EVERY single time i watch it. it is quite possibly my favorite James Cameron movie, but upon reflection, i like ALL of his movies! Why? because they're all friggin' good! from Terminator to Titanic, i've enjoyed them all. (which including those is only 6 movies btw!) bottom line, the S.O.B. knows how to tell a story and make it entertaining. thats what the movies are all about. and thats why he has the top 2 highest grossing films of all time, one of which is tied with 2 other films for the most Academy Awards!

I haven't seen Avatar yet, but i'm sure i will enjoy it. i doubt i will get ten-hut while watching it like so many others did, i'm not the biggest fan of all the CGI/3D shit that Hollywood insists on putting in every damn movie that comes out nowadays... i do however, have faith in Mr. Cameron's ability as a professional storyteller, and will put myself in his masterful hands. (that sounded kinda creepy and sexual, but i assure you it was not...you filthy minded creepers you! shame shame!)

OOOOOO! speaking of creepy and sexual, Jamie Lee Curtis' underwear dance scene is starting...oh how this takes me back to '94 when i was 13! yep, gotta go...its too difficult typing with one hand.

(apologies to my marther if she is reading this...)

Friday, July 02, 2010


Yes dear friends, that's right.

It has been 5 long years since I last posted a blog. Truthfully, I completely f-ing forgot it was even here. I guess that's how the ol' cookie rolls along the tree stump, I reckon'. But rest assured dear readers, I shall make every effort to slake the potent thirst that has been building up within your precious minds. I shall continue the good fight to bring you random and strange bits from the recesses of my very complex and sometimes extremely filthy brain. Be at ease my faithful flock.

I have returned.

I am here. and I WILL, as Joe Don Baker would so eloquently say, "Go 'head on!"